Dating in Colombia: The Foreign Language of Passion

Often has it been actually mentioned that the best means to enhance in an overseas tongue is to begin dating a local. There is, it must be actually mentioned, a lot reality to this.

Even pupils that, in the classroom, may barely be bothered to string witheachother an orderly sentence, unexpectedly have vast excitement for enhancing their language skills as quickly as they chat to a man or even lady they just like.

To excel in the planet of romance, you’ ll requirement to become able to speak sensibly. On the planet of Colombian dating, poor hot spanish women does certainly not act as a lot of a love drug.

Winning somebody’ s affections requires you to become lovely, comical, complimentary and soft –- none of whichis feasible if you’ re stuttering away in heavily-accented Spanglish.

To aid you take your initial steps right into this globe, our company’ ll appearance listed below at a collection of the countless ways that Colombians speak about attraction, courting, meeting and collapsing.

Beautiful Folks

Standard Spanishpossesses a lots of different methods to say somebody (or even something) is gorgeous or even appealing. But the majority of these are actually far also serious-sounding to become made use of when chatting one of your buddies.

Take, for example, the sentence ” Ella es muy bonita “, whichis a flawlessly legit method to say ” She is actually very stunning “. It’ s complicated to imagine a team of fellas hanging around, consuming a couple of beers, claiming this about a woman. It will be actually thus official that it’d in fact appear a little bit strange.

The following slang-style key phrases would certainly go withmuchbetter in suchcircumstances:

Estar buena/ estar bueno

” Estar buena ” is probably one of the most usual key phrase that guys would certainly utilize to refer to scorching ladies. Be advised, though, that it is actually made use of practically specifically to speak about a person, instead of ever before being actually said straight to their skin. If stated directly to a woman, it appears fairly sleazy as well as succeeded’ t be actually properly gotten.

Women sometimes define eye-catching guys along withthe phrase ” estar bueno “, however once again are unlikely to state this straight to the individual’ s encounter. The issue right here is actually certainly not a lot the risk of triggering infraction –- a risk whichis, let’ s face it, all but non-existent –- but somewhat that it will merely be a quite total on trait to say. Not quite like pointing out to the guy ” your location or even mine?”, however certainly not as well far off it either.

Mamacita/ Papasito

Weirdly, Colombians use the phrases for ” little mum ” and ” little bit of dad ” as vernacular for an attractive woman or even man.

A number of various other very comparable words to ” mamacita ” – and also ” papsito “- like ” mamasota ” –/ ” papasote “, ” mami ” as well as ” mamita “- likewise have virtually the exact same definition.

All these phrases are a little more lighthearted than” ” estar buena ” as well as some ladies can locate it complimentary to be described as a ” mamacita “. This is actually rarely common: others locate it patronising and doing not have class.

Unsurprisingly, men will again be thrilled to be referred to as a ” papasito “.

Chimba/ chimbita (v.)

A highly prominent, if impolite, method to explain incredible looking gals. Considered that ” chimba ” is actually also a vernacular term for the female genitalia, it is actually definitely not one of the most intimate summary, yet it is largely utilized nonetheless.

Two male pals, for instance, might have the adhering to conversation: 1. ” Me dicen que su amiga es muy bonita” ” 2. ” Bonita no, & iexcl; es una chimba! “( 1. ” I hear her friend is extremely rather “. 2. ” She ‘ s certainly not merely rather, she ‘ s an item of ass! “-RRB-.



” Pintoso ” is a tag related to a ” really good appearing male “( use the feminine model, ” pintosa “, is considerably a lot less usual ). Unlike the previous phrases, whichare all stuffed along withsexuality, this is a neutral phrase that does certainly not always mean the speaker is actually enticed to the person they’ re talking about.

Perhaps it’ s like explaining a guy as ” handsome ” or ” really good appearing ” in contrast to ” very hot ” or ” gorgeous “. Also straight Colombian men may be heard utilizing this phrase to (begrudgingly) admit that of their male good friends is actually really good looking.


A a little less preferred vernacular condition for an eye-catching individual, whichcould be made use of for bothmen and women. Even more essentially, a ” bollo ” is actually a food items, a type of danishmade from yucca, white potato or corn. I think the implication is that the individual you’ re speaking about is as delicious as the food.

Playing the Activity

Dating in Colombia is certainly everything about ” selection”. Competition to receive as well as maintain companions is fiercer here than in every other nation I have experienced.

In a lot of methods, the country still has a machista society in whichmen are actually very forward and the women obtain complimented/ proposed regularly. Throw in some added seasoning, suchas the sensual dance moves for whichColombians are well-known, and also you’ ve got yourself a dishfor a very sexualised dating environment.

In this affordable situation, teasing as well as video game playing tackles added importance. Thus right here’ s exactly how you need to discuss it:


No doubt you’ ve heard words ” conquistar ” in the context of themeet spanish woman ” conquistadores ” that got into Latin The United States numerous hundred years back. Nowadays, the verb ” to control ” is actually used most regularly in dating instances, where it describes the method of ” dominating ” one more ‘ s center.

On reflection, that might be a very intimate summary for a condition whichis primarily used throughmen speaking about ” overcoming ” a person for one night. Rarely is it utilized to cover them getting the passion of their lifestyle.

Echar los perros

” Echar los perros” “( lit. ” throwing the pet dogs “-RRB- is actually a very usual expression meaning ” ahead on a person ” or even ” to try it on along witha person “.

For instance, when talking about the previous night out, a Colombian gal could grumble: ” Ese guy me estaba echando los perros durante toda Los Angeles noche. ¡& iexcl; No me dejó en paz nunca!” ” (” That man invested the entire evening trying it on along withme. He merely wouldn’ t leave me alone!”-RRB-.